Progesterone Releasing Device

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PRID DELTA product shot wiht box

Designed for safety and convenience


PRID® DELTA devices are individually packaged for convenience and safe handling.

PRID DELTA product

PRID® DELTA’s bumped tail provides better traction for removal, even in the most extreme farm conditions.

PRID DELTA applicator

PRID® DELTA applicator offers a simple and easy to use design.

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Designed with cow comfort in mind

PRID® DELTA’s triangular shape allows more even pressure distribution on the reproductive tract, with both sides completely leaning against the vagina’s inner wall, for both maximal surface contact and comfort.

How to use PRID® DELTA

PRID® DELTA is available in boxes of 10 individually packaged progesterone releasing devices.


Ask your veterinarian or contact Ceva for more information